Adept Electronic Solutions (AES) specializes in the design, validation and support of electronic and optical devices. We are experts in rapid development and have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to bring complex, high-quality products designed to withstand harsh environments to market.

We excel at developing sophisticated devices that adhere to industry standards while getting to market on-time and within budget. With capabilities that go beyond a schematic and a printed circuit board, AES delivers a complete solution to meet your development, quality assurance, and business needs.


AES brings proven experience in all aspects of the design and implementation process including:


  • Analog and Digital Design
    We excel at designing and testing both analog and digital designs. We have the equipment to verify the functionality of nearly any design. We have additional partner companies that we work with to solve any problems that may be outside of our area of expertise.


  • Embedded and PC-based Programming
    Embedded and PC based programming requires both programming expertise and the hardware to verify the design. We offer both. Most of our customers require that we not only design the system, but also perform a complete verification (temperature or humidity, or both).


  • Precision Data Acquisition and Control
    The equipment that AES has on hand can meet nearly any customer’s needs. In the event that we cannot meet the specific needs, we have associates that we can collaborate with to make sure that the job will get done correctly.


  • EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) Testing and Design
    For over 15 years, we have been designing hardware for harsh environments. All of our hardware is designed to be hardened to survive in some of the harshest environments. This includes high voltage labs, high voltage substations, large long wall mines and lime stone mines.


  • Schematic Capture and PCB Layout
    We excel at rapidly designing circuit boards. All of our boards are designed with manufacturing in mind. We always provide our customers with a complete design package. This includes the schematic, the PCB layout and the design files necessary for fabrication.


  • 3D and 2D CAD Design/Documentation
    Mechanical design is part of any product development. We have the systems in place to do both 2D and 3D documentation of our customers.


  • Optical Sensors - Fiber Optic and Bulk Optic System Design
    Optical sensors are a common place in today’s world. Our team is able to meet all of your optical needs whether it be fiber or bulk optics.


  • Energy Conservation Topics
    Have completed designs used in wind power devices. Have designed solar powered measurement devices and optical fiber powered electronic sensors. Special designs include energy conserving devices that go to sleep to conserve power and only activate when triggered by an erroneous event.


  • Stress Testing
    Designed a 100 ton computer controlled PID style hydraulic bolt stretching unit. This device is instrumented with strain gages, load cells. Elongation measurement devices and ultrasonic transducers.


  • RF Communication
    Designs including key fob devices, Bluetooth devices and mesh networks. Experienced in the design of miniature RF devices and energy efficient RF communication devices.


  • Communication Systems - Hard Wired and Optical
    Completed multiple communication systems to reliably connect devices using both wired and fiber optic based technologies. Familiar with 232, 485, Ethernet, and proprietary formats. Custom fiber optic communication solutions including all optical and electronic components.


  • Pressure Transducers
    Experienced with the accurate measurement of gas and fluid, and hydraulic system pressure measurement. Capable of designs to establish closed loop control systems. Familiar with gas density measurement systems.


  • Gas Sensors
    Familiar with the analysis of various gasses and the sensor concepts used to measure these quantities. Experience includes hydrogen, methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Recent activities include a CO2 monitor system used for environmental monitoring.


  • Emercency Communication Systems (TTE)
    Successfully completed the design and fully field qualified a mine rescue communication system. This design includes special radio communication techniques including multiple microprocessors. The device has learning capacities and DSP processing techniques. The device is portable and operates on battery power. The design is to be certified under MSHA regulations.


  • Precision Optics, Precision Placement
    Years of experience in the design of bulk optic sensor devices. Have completed several significant optical devices to mature products. Very experienced in the design of polarized optic devices and ultra precision optical assemblies. Familiar with custom lens design, refractive index matching, thermal expansion optimizing.


  • Spectrometer
    Familiar with optical system design including laser based sensors and systems. In house optical spectrometer and several lasers of various wavelengths. Experts in the application of multimode fiber based system design including light powered sensors and multi wavelength devices.


  • Power Metering
    Experienced in all aspects of power metering and knowledgeable in power system relaying. Have developed sensors and signal processing equipment to accurately meter power to specifications exceeding 0.05%. In house capacity to meter power, test watthour meters, power quality analysis, 3 phase simulations.


  • Harsh Environment Testing
    We have years of experience developing electronic products for use in very harsh environment. Examples include mines, substations, reactors, high vibration, extreme noise.


  • Evaluation Kits
    Leading chip makers provide evaluation kits to get acquainted with the latest technology. We have strength and experience developing these platforms into mature product. We can integrate any evaluation platform into an existing design to achieve a significant product upgrade.


We deliver solutions for small and large organizations from a wide range of industries. Our customers include an emerging manufacturer of underground mining communications systems, a world leader in nuclear power, an innovator in mine safety, and a global leader in technologies for the electric power industry.


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