About Adept Electronic Solutions and Associates

Robert M. Snyder, President and Lead Development Engineer

Adept Electronic Solutions, LLC (AES) was founded by Robert Snyder in 1998. Robert holds a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and an MSEE degree from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Robert has held roles in engineering management and development with startup companies and international corporations on projects with a broad range of applications from high power circuit breaker monitors and controllers to precision optical sensors. Robert's schooling and career has allowed him to become an expert in many areas including analog and digital design, signal processing, control systems, instrumentation, programming, 2D and 3D CAD modeling and EMC testing.

AES is partnered with Circuit Lab, LLC to provide customers with an efficient design process and highly qualified circuit board prototyping service. Circuit Lab provides expertise in high quality printed circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies and practical packaging to assure that the prototype assembly will lead to a product that is both manufacturable and profitable.


Circuit Lab, LLC

Circuit lab is a small company founded in 1999 in Greensburg Pennsylvania. The mission of the company is to support and develop modern technology based products for industry or private use. The strength of the company draws from a significant experience base in research and development and advancing products to commercialization. The key to success in this type of business is maintaining the highest level of quality and performing the product qualification tests to the most stringent standards. It is also quite important to operate efficiently and sustain momentum in the rapid paced technology field.

Circuit Lab provides a wide range of services with significant strength in the process of maturing a concept to a complete product. The design concept is reviewed and refined to insure practical manufacturing capacity. The concept is advanced to a functioning prototype. The prototype is tested to confirm performance to the design specification. The pilot production phase is performed at Circuit Lab to follow through with the launch of the product. The documentation package is maintained through the process of development to allow for a full production release.

The services available are not limited to the complete development of a product. Many projects are completed as sub set style processes. Some examples are improvement to an existing product, finding solutions to obsolete components, or redesigning a segment of a system. A specialty service includes designing devices and sensors for extremely harsh environments. This service includes the qualification and test using EMC, EMI and environmental test equipment. Successful devices have been designed and deployed in high voltage substations, mining environments, and other challenging locations. Miniaturization activities have included the development of an ASIC sensor system. Energy efficient designs that include battery, solar, and fiber optic powered devices.

The experience at Circuit Lab is an essential ingredient for efficient product development. The resources and experience include:

  • Circuit board development using the most recent SMT technologies. Creative use of modern integrated circuits including accelerometers, laser based devices, and gas analysis.
  • Rapid in house prototype capacity including any form of electronic components and soldering quality based on NASA training.
  • Fiber optic and bulk optic sensor and device experience including polarized optical concepts.
  • Support services for Fuel Cell, solar and wind based systems. Power metering and precision instrumentation support also provided.

Circuit Lab has the experience and resources available to develop quality products efficiently.


Zeitsig, LLC

Zeitsig is a software developer specializing in embedded systems. Zeitsig has worked with 8-bit microcontrollers all the way to ARM multi-core processors running Linux. They have an in-depth understanding including the design itself of electronic circuits.

Some of their previous work included an underwater acoustic recorder, voice-communication utilizing magnetic fields through the ground, monitoring and synchronous switching applications for high-voltage breakers.

The work they do is very focused with attention to every detail, creating code that is only of the highest quality, code that makes sense, and that simply works. Zeitsig is always looking for the next great challenge.

If you have a complex project and you have no tolerance for mistakes, then you should get Zeitsig, LLC on your team.